Make Your Own Wildflower Meadow Seed Bombs Kit - From Mary In The Wild

  • £12.00

Grow your own wildflower meadow with our DIY seed bomb kit. Our wildflower meadow seed kit contains all of the things you will need to make your own wildflower meadow seed bombs, including clay, potting discs and a mix of 100% native annual and perennial UK meadow wildflowers. Simply make your seed bombs, throw or sow on a bare patch of soil and watch them grow! This kit should make 20-30 seed bombs. Our wildflower seeds can be sown throughout the year but for the best chance of germination make and throw your seed bombs: between mid-March and the end of May or between mid-August and mid-October.


NOT SUITABLE FOR VERY SMALL CHILDREN DUE TO THE PRESENCE OF FOXGLOVE AND CORNCOCKLE Foxglove: CAUTION toxic if eaten Corncockle: Harmful if eaten They are safe to grow provided they are treated with respect however, they should not be placed or planted where small children are likely to have access to, brush against or eat them.

Made in United Kingdom