SOAP FOLK - Goats Milk & Honey Soap Bar

  • £6.50

Beautiful Goats Milk & Honey soap bar, handmade by Soap Folk in their Stroud Valleys workshop.

Suitable for sensitive skin, this unscented soap is made of goats milk to create a gentle and creamy texture.  Soap Folk use local honey, which gives this soap its attractive caramel colour and helps create a rich, bubbly lather.

Each bar of soap is made using traditional cold pressed methods and individually wrapped in beautifully designed plastic free packaging.

NO detergents,  SLS, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones, sulphates, preservatives or artificial fragrances

More details...

  • 105g bar.
  • 9cm x 6cm x 2cm.
  • 100% ethically sourced ingredients
  • Vegan and Vegetarian friendly soaps
  • Palm-Oil free
  • Cruelty Free, never tested on animals.