SOIL NINJA - Premium Ficus Blend

  • £10.00

Using a Blend of:
Coco Coir, Perlite, Bark, Sand, Zeolite, Activated Charcoal, Worm Castings

About the Ficus Soil Mix:
This Ficus blend is a true mix of soil properties. The sand allows for a loose soil with plenty of drainage, whilst the high Coco coir content and Bark allow for a medium of moisture retention. The mix is incredible versatile in its ingredients and grade size in order to cater towards the variety of sizes of Ficus plant collectors can own.

What Ficus want from their soil:
Ficus is a large genus of plants that inhabits a lot of different environments. The species that we tend to cultivate in the home are either used to a semi-epiphytic habit or are totally terrestrial and that is what this mix perfectly caters to. Ultimately they want something that doesn’t become dense overtime as it can suffocate their roots. Therefore having coarse components as well as fine sand allows for long term stability in soil density. Bark adds a nice bonus to the semi-epiphytic types of Ficus that like to cling onto bark and break it down slowly overtime with the microbes around their roots. Taller species of Ficus such as Rubber plants and Fiddle-leaf figs will benefit from the bark too as it increases structural stability in the pot. This basically helps prevent the plant’s trunk from leaning to one side due to gravity as it grows.

As with all of our Premium mixes a population of positive bacteria, mycelium and microfauna is present in the substrate to create the potted ecosystem which keeps your plant healthy! Enough nutrients for the first 2 months of growth is also in every bag along with our specialist nutrient storage component, Zeolite.

Ideal For:
Aralia Ming, Autograph tree, Avocado Plant, Bonsai Ginseng, Chilli Plant, Citrus Plant, Cordyline, Corkscrew Grass, Dragon Tree, Dumb Cane, False Aralia, Lavender, Lemon Tree, Money Tree, Norfolk Island Pine, Areca Palm, Cascade Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, Coconut Palm Tree, Kentia Palm, Majesty Palm, Parlor Palm, Ponytail Palm, Paper Plant, Baby Rubberplant, Beetle Peperomia, Hope Peperomia, IvyLeaf Peperomia, Jelly Bean Peperomia, Pixie Peperomia, Raindrop Peperomia, Rocca Verde, Watermelon Peperomia, Aluminium Plant, Chinese Money Plant, Pilea "Mojito / White Splash / Sugar", Fabian, Pretty Turtle Plant, Swedish Ivy, Tea Plant, The Amazon Jungle Vine, Umbrella Plant, Yucca.